Majestic View Demonstration Garden

The Majestic View Demonstration garden was created in 2008 and has matured and grown over the years. While primarily volunteer-maintained, the garden contains hundreds of native and regionally appropriate plants that benefit wildlife. Providing food, water, shelter, and space to raise young, the garden is certified wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. 

Many of the plants found in the garden are water conserving and suited for our dry climate. However, Xeric does not mean “zero” water. The xeric design involves a diverse combination of water-wise landscape techniques, efficient irrigation and minimal-strategic use of turf grass. Xeriscaping is NOT a monoculture of rocks and a few shrubs, but it’s a diverse, lower maintenance, and sustainable garden solution. 


Garden Resources

When you visit the garden, you will find many plants labeled with common and latin names. While these sometimes change over time, the labels help visitors see what plants look like, what wildlife is attracted to it, and learn new plants that could work in their garden. Just as plants change over time, we attempt to update our labels and plant list every few years as plants come and go. For our latest plant list, download our inventory spreadsheet here. To see plant recommendations and garden map, download our garden brochure. 

Thank you Sponsors

Thanks to the generous support of sponsors and grants, the garden is able to continue to thrive and provide hands-on education for gardeners, ecologist, conservationists, and many of our youth programs. 

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About Joe Eades (1963-2010)

The Majestic View Garden was skillfully designed in 2008 by City of Arvada Senior Landscape Architect Joe Eades for the purpose of demonstrating water conserving, regionally appropriate gardening and educating the community about conservation principles. 

He created an attractive and relaxing garden that enhances the overall environmental education mission of the Majestic View Nature Center. Stroll through the garn and notice the interesting plants that support a variety of wildlife while providing year-round splendor with texture and color. 

Joe was a dear friend and a dedicated professional who served Arvada for almost 10 years. His lasting contribution will be forever seen in the urban design fabric and beautification projects that Arvada residents will enjoy for many years. 

Joe passed on the spring of 2010 of ALS.

Joseph Eades B/w