Discovering Pollinator Gardens

Pollinator garden tours are special in that they showcase many native plants, pollinators, and habitats that can be cultivated in the community. The focus of pollinator gardens are to benefit wildlife over traditional aesthetics, but can be beautiful in their own way!

Arvada’s 2023 pollinator garden tour will be Saturday, August 5 from 9 am to 12 pm. 

pollinator garden

Pollinators are needed for almost everything, from the food you eat, medicines, your home or even the clothes you wear. And many pollinators, like the Monarch Butterfly, have declined in population–Monarch populations are down over 90% since 1997! So the City of Arvada’s Majestic View Nature Center is looking to find pollinator gardens, and gaps, to support struggling pollinator populations. Knowing where pollinator gardens are, and where they aren’t, can help the City focus pollinator conservation efforts effectively for future planning.

Pollinator gardens are rich in native and regionally appropriate flowering plants, which are great for Colorado pollinators. Birds, bats, beetles and other insects, like the Monarch Butterfly, use pollinator gardens to rest during migrations, eat and refuel, and even lay eggs or rear their young. The Nature Center wants to celebrate the gardens across the City that have supported the pollinators as well as help create connections with new and experienced gardeners that support Arvada’s pollinators. Many gardeners who have cultivated their passion for pollinators are eager to share support for pollinators, and to share the beauty of Colorado’s many native plants. So this self-guided tour across the City will let beginning and experienced gardeners see established pollinator gardens as well as gain insights for tips and tricks from the garden hosts.  

Pollinator Garden Tour maps, guided garden tours and interactive activities for the whole family will be available at the Majestic View Nature Center from 9 a.m. to noon. Start at the Nature Center to check in before you go out to explore selected pollinator gardens across the City. 

Tips for a fantastic tour day for the whole family

  • Wear sunscreen and sun protection (perfect opportunity to bring out the big sun hats!)
  • Bring a reusable water bottle
  • Stop in the Nature Center when you check in for the tour to use the restrooms before you head out
  • Wear comfortable shoes for walking
  • Consider loose-fitting long sleeves and pants if you are allergic to many plants or insects
  • If you have littles joining you for the tour, consider taking a pollinator plant scavenger hunt activity sheet when you check in
  • Remind your group that plants and pollinators in host gardens are not for foraging, harvesting, or collecting-Practice your Leave-no-trace skills!
kid looking at butterfly with magnifying glass

Lost Your Tour Map?

Have an established pollinator garden? Apply to host!

Garden hosts are folks who help maintain or grow a pollinator habitat in Arvada, so anybody can apply! Check back in May for applications to open.

Minimum requirements for garden tour host to apply:

  • Have 10+ square feet of pollinator habitat (must submit 1-2 photos to include on the tour map)
  • A short narrative on how and/or why you started your garden
  • A list of pollinators that you see in your garden
  • Garden address and indication of garden type (small, medium, large & patio, side, front yard, etc.)
  • Must be available to host during tour
  • Must pass a background check and attend the garden 2-hour host orientation