What We Do

We inspire environmental learning and interpretive connections with our community.

The Nature Center is the City of Arvada’s environmental education facility. We offer many school and group programs to engage kids with nature. Using the nature trails, wetland areas and prairie ecosystems to explore, we connect thousands of kids with Arvada’s parks to better understand nature.


We also provide programs for everyone with our public programming, from toddlers to adults, to connect all ages in our community with the wonder of nature. From nature art, to drop-in discoveries, to conservation presentations, you can find most nature topics available for a variety of ages. 

Habitat Restoration and Research

With the help of volunteers, we also strive to better understand Arvada’s biodiversity. Form pollinators to coyotes to our lakes and trees, collecting data and partnering with other organizations to help determine ways to improve and preserve Arvada’s natural spaces. 

Community Building

Our site, our programs, volunteers and visitors come to create an amazing community that is passionate about learning, our environment, and finding innovative ways to adapt with our changing world. We facilitate sharing knowledge on ways to conserve water, encouraging good stewardship to reduce pollution, and finding a place of belonging with others that are connected to nature.  

Displays & Demonstration Garden

Our facility also has 3,000 square feet of hands-on displays, wildlife exhibits, a kids’ activity area, classrooms and meeting spaces. From our augmented reality sandbox to our mounted gray wolf, all ages can learn to explore nature. And just outside the Nature Center is 25,000 square feet of a beautiful water-conserving demonstration garden where visitors can discover native and regionally appropriate plants and wildlife. We work with City park maintenance and Master Gardeners to provide information on invasive plants and updated plant recommendation lists, habitat-friendly choices, and best practices to ensure a sustainable and beautiful garden.  Connected is the Majestic View Community Park, with over 80 acres to explore.

Available Services

Kids catching insects with naturalist
Bird watchers with naturalist