Donations for the Nature Center

scenic hillside view of the Nature Center

Help us with your financial support.

The Nature Center is eligible to receive charitable donations. Visitors have and can continue to support the Nature Center by helping fund:

  • Our program material costs

  • Tools, labels, or replacement plants for the demonstration garden

  • New display development and materials

  • Interpretive signage along trails

  • Seating areas for families and additions to our outdoor classroom

  • Larger donations can support our efforts towards our original Master Plan (including facility expansions, additional trails, tools to manage our natural resources, and outdoor educational amenities). 

If you are able and willing, your support enables the Nature Center to keep moving forward towards our mission and is much appreciated. You can contact us for card, cash, check or other donations. 

The Majestic View Nature Center is eligible to receive monetary, materials and equipment gifts and donations. See 2011 Municode library for council approved resolution for more details.  For questions or concerns, please contact us.