Silly Snowflake Fun

What is  snowflake? 

Snowflakes are beautiful formations from frozen water molecules that form around particles of dust or salt. Water vapor condenses and freezes around these particles and grows heavy enough to fall from the sky in the form of snowflakes. Snowflakes are a type of precipitation. 

snowflake up close with macro lens

Things You Can Do With Snow

Aside from watching it fall or trying to catch a snowflake in your mouth, you can have a lot of fun with silly snowflakes. 

  • Make a snow volcano-pile snow into a mound around a bottle of baking soda. Then pour colored vinegar into the bottle and watch your colored volcano ooze. 
  • Cut paper snowflakes to decorate your room-make each one unique just like the many unique ways water molecules form to shape different snowflakes. See why all snowflakes are unique from BBC. 
  •  Make an igloo or snow fort-fallen snowflakes hold trapped air, which makes it an excellent insulator. An igloo heated with nothing but human body heat can be 100 degrees warmer than cold arctic air surrounding it!
  • Try to find some snowflake trivia facts with our downloadable snowflake crossword puzzle and view the answers when you’re ready. 
snowflake crossword puzzle thumbnail
Download the PDF for more trivia and facts!