Living With Wildlife

cinnamon black bear

Did you know a Black Bear is a species, not only a color, of bear? They may be colors from blonde to brown. Although many people are wary of black bears, they are also normally wary of people. However, when you have to eat on average 20,000 calories a day, human leftovers smell deliciously appealing. This is part of the reason bears get into trouble when they wander into neighborhoods in search of food.  

Many wildlife species that can wander into the city limits, such as bears, coyotes or even raccoons can be wary of humans. But often trash, bird seed, dog food, and other human scraps can entice wildlife too close for comfort. 

Here’s some helpful things to “uninvite” wildlife to your yard:

  • Secure your trash
  • Bring in your bird feeders at night
  • Don’t leave uneaten pet food outside
  • Regularly shift, check and move things to avoid perfect nesting locations
  • Never feed wildlife (songbirds are often the ONLY exception)
  • Cover fruit trees to reduce wildlife snacking
  • Seal cracks, holes, chimneys, gaps, or any entry into your home with chicken wire or sealant (mice and snakes can fit through holes smaller than 1/2 inch!)

We can live peacefully with wildlife as long as we stay aware and respect that wildlife is wild. Learn more on how to avoid conflict with wildlife Colorado Parks & Wildlife  or Arvada Animal Management