My Five Senses

Recommended Ages 4-8 years
Start with the introduction video to get some background knowledge. Then explore the different activities below.

What are your five senses?

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch 
  • Hear
An observation uses one’s senses to make a statement, for example “I see the color purple on the flower” is an observation using the sense of sight. 

Investigative Prompt

On your next outing, find in a safe nature space. Try to use your eyes, ears, hands and nose to see if you can investigate different habitats. Make some good observations in a a journal or drawing. See other journal samples below.

Can you can find these things using more than one of your senses?

  • An organism or creature that has everything it needs (plant or animal)
  • An organism or creature that seems to missing something in its habitat
  • Can you find a place the would better fit the creature that seems to be missing a piece of it’s habitat?
  • A creature that might have a “super sense” (strong sense of smell, hearing, sight, etc.)

Use your senses to create these observations, but take note of anything
else that makes you think, “I wonder…”, “that’s awesome that….” or “I think

Once you go back home, see if you can research some answers to your “I wonder…” questions.

Investigative prompt thumbnail preview

Downloadable worksheets

Project Prompt

Create an imaginary animal. Can you point out and label all of
its senses? Does it have any special senses that you don’t have?

Don’t forget to create your animals habitat, with food, water, shelter and space!

Remember: You can use paper and pencils, crayons, rocks, twigs, shoes, pillows, or anything with your imagination to create your creature and its habitat.

"platyroo bear project example sketch
5 Senses Project Example Sketch

Additional Resources and Activities