Frequently Asked Questions

Is Majestic View Nature Center a non-profit organization? 

No, we are part of the City of Arvada’s Vibrant Communities and Neighborhood work system (Parks, Golf, Hospitality department).

“The mission of the Parks, Golf and Hospitality Services Department is to provide parks, urban design, golf, banquet, event, trails and environmental education services to the Arvada community and visitors so they can play, celebrate, and engage in the vitality of our welcoming community.”

What is the Nature Center’s Mission?

While we work within the City of Arvada’s mission of “Dream Big and Deliver“, we also strive to “Inspire Environmental Learning and Interpretive Connections with the Community“. 

front door-entrance sign at Nature Center

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs on leash are allowed outside in the park. If the Nature Center is not busy and your dog is friendly/potty-trained, they may be allowed on leash inside the building at staff discretion. 

Do I have to register for “insert program name”, and how can I do that?

Unless directly noted as a “drop-in” program on our calendar, all programs require registration. You can register online or by calling us at 720-898-7405. You can also email us, but we will need to be able to call you for payment information. To view our refund policy, visit our calendar

Back arbor and picnic tables

Is there a $fee to visit the Nature Center?

No, the Nature Center and parking lot are FREE to visit. Check our public hours for availability. Some programs may have fees.  

Can we eat at the Nature Center? 

Yes, there are several picnic tables surrounding the Nature Center. We encourage groups to plan on eating outside, as crumbs and spills attract pests inside the Nature Center which can damage exhibits and program materials.

How long should we plan to visit?

Most groups visit between 1-3 hours, and typically the Nature Center is busiest in the morning. There are several interactive displays, including an Augmented Reality sandbox, a small library that holds kids books to adult nature guides or history books, and there are seasonal crafts and activities available for families. 

Can I reserve the Nature Center and/or park? 

The park is reservable as a field rental through Arvada Parks. To reserve the sports field,

contact Parks at 720.8987400 or visit their website for more information. There is no pavilion at Majestic View park, all picnic tables are first come first served.

Park limitations:

  • No alcohol
  • No amplified music 
  • No stake or ground-penetrating items. 

The Nature Center has several reservable spaces with specific limitations. View our Rent A Space page for more information and to submit an rental inquiry. 

Can I hike through the park? Is it ADA accessible? 

Some trails are ADA accessible, including our Interpretive Trail that runs between the upper East parking lot and the Nature Center. Other trails, such as our Cattail Trail, are soft/gravel trails that may have steeper grades but still meet open space accessibility guidelines. All trails are stroller and bike friendly and relatively easy for short strolls through the park. Most trails have resting stops with benches or sitting rocks along the way and to enjoy the view.  We do ask all trail users to stay on trail to protect our wildlife habitats. 

View our map to see all trails, total distance is under 2 miles. Trails and park are open from dawn to dusk. For more information about Arvada trails, visit the page. 

Can the Nature Center accept donations? 

Yes, the Majestic View Nature Center is eligible to receive supplies and equipment gifts and donations. The City of Arvada’s council reviews annual donations in our year-end report as the City is a home-rule and those reports can be found in council packets each spring. Monetary donations can be made to our partners at the Friends of Majestic View 501c3, and you can visit their website (click here) to view tax deductible donation options. 

You can see the list of our sponsors that provide grants and funding for our programming, or you can make a donation to the Nature Center as an individual. Want to see a line up of projects or exhibits you can sponsor? Please contact us. 

Are horses, or other animals, allowed on trails? 

Majestic View does not have equestrian trails. All animals MUST be on leash (including dogs and cats). Yes, we have seen cats walked through the park on leash. Animals not on leash can disturb wildlife, other park visitors, and puts your pet at risk of entering wildlife areas where they could come in contact with coyotes, raccoons, and/or disease. 

Dog walkers MUST pick up after their animals or they may be subject to the same fine as all other pet owners that do not pick up pet waste (maximum $2,650 fine and/or 180 days in jail). To report loose pets or other urgent animal concerns, call Arvada Animal Management at 720-898-6900. 

For non-urgent concerns, such as requesting a patrol to catch habitual owners that fail to pick up waste or refuse to leash their pets, you can report non-urgent animal issues online through Ask Arvada. Ask Arvada is not monitored 24/7.

What if I see a coyote? 

Coyotes do live in the park as this in their natural habitat. They tend to be nocturnal, but may be active at dawn or dusk. They may be more active seasonally as they determine their territory for mating season each spring. 

Coyotes are generally scared of humans and it is exceedingly rare to have a coyote bite or attack a human; however, Arvada Animal Management encourages residents to use hazing techniques such as shouting, clapping hands, exaggerated arm gestures and stomping feet if they see a coyote near human areas.

Be sure to keep your pets on leash as they be perceived as a food source or a territorial threat. Dogs are not allowed in designated wildlife resting areas for their safety and for the safety of other park users.

For more coyote information or to report unusual coyote activity, visit

Warning-failure to pick up after your pet sign in park
coyote in majestic view park