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image of eggtacular bingo sheet

Egg-tacular Bingo

Egg-tacular Bingo Hunt Replaced Missing Eggs We have replace and rehidden the missing eggs, so good luck! Remember to leave the eggs where you find them, all are visible from our trails-no need to enter the garden! This event will begin April 1 and run through April 11, 2021 This spring, animals are laying eggs
Oberon lake during drought year, exposed shoreline

Are You Water Wise?

Are You Water Wise? According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, in August of 2020, a whopping 94% of our state — home to 4.2 million Coloradans — was classified as being in moderate to extreme drought. But this doesn’t count the countless species of wildlife and plants that also need water to survive in our
snowflake up close with macro lens

Silly Snowflake Fun

Silly Snowflake Fun What is  snowflake?  Snowflakes are beautiful formations from frozen water molecules that form around particles of dust or salt. Water vapor condenses and freezes around these particles and grows heavy enough to fall from the sky in the form of snowflakes. Snowflakes are a type of precipitation.  Things You Can Do With
cinnamon black bear

Living With Wildlife

Living With Wildlife Did you know a Black Bear is a species, not only a color, of bear? They may be colors from blonde to brown. Although many people are wary of black bears, they are also normally wary of people. However, when you have to eat on average 20,000 calories a day, human leftovers